Affidavit: Drug deal that led to deadly Lower Valley shooting was set up through Messenger

These two women were arrested for the shooting death of Carlos Calderon.

The two teens facing capital murder charges in the shooting death of a 25-year-old man admitted to setting up an aggravated robbery of the victim through Facebook Messenger, according to court records.

Ashley Galloway, 19, and Jerrica Arredondo, 18, were arrested after police say they collaborated to set up a drug deal with Carlos Calderon at an apartment complex at 8507 Alameda Ave. on March 31.

Police said officers arrived at the scene to find Calderon shot on the stairs of the apartment complex.

According to court records, Galloway and Arredondo were arrested in a nearby trailer park after attempting to hide from police.

Witnesses at the scene gave officers a description of Galloway and Arredondo.

Calderon’s brother told investigators that he drove his brother to the apartment complex to sell marijuana to some people he didn’t know. The brother said he noticed Calderon had logged onto Facebook Messenger and was communicating with a female, according to court records.

The brother said Calderon walked into the apartment and a few minutes later, he heard gunshots. He told investigators he saw Calderon run away and that he was shot by Galloway, according to court records.

Several witnesses at the complex spoke to investigators and said Galloway and Arredondo were the ones responsible for the deadly shooting. Galloway and Arredondo were also identified in a lineup by witnesses, court records state.

When interviewed, Galloway and Arredondo confessed to planning the aggravated robbery.

Arredondo told investigators that the robbery “did not go like it was supposed to,” according to court documents.

Galloway and Arredondo were both charged with capital murder. Galloway made her first appearance in court last week.

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