About 500 migrants released by ICE Wednesday, over 1,000 released past few days

200 migrants expected to be released by ICE on Christmas Day

About 518 migrants are expected to be released by U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Wednesday, according Annunciation House director Ruben Garcia.

That makes more than 1,000 migrants released in the past three days.

The migrants will be dropped off at undisclosed shelters across El Paso.

Garcia said they need relatives or sponsor families to buy bus or plane tickets for their migrant relatives as soon as possible to free up space at the shelter.

He said following the death of the Guatemalan boy in custody, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is working to release families faster.

Shelter locations including various churches have stepped up. All the way from Las Cruces to Mesilla and El Paso, the immigrants are expected to be bused and dropped off.

The group released Wednesday includes ten single and pregnant women per Annunciation House.

ICE said in a statement earlier this week the mass release was to ensure families were not detained longer than the time frame permitted.

Immigrants released this week have been processed by Customs and Border Protection. They’ve been issued a court date to present themselves at.

There were about 200 immigrants released Tuesday by ICE and dropped off at a downtown El Paso bus station. Then, they were led by volunteers to a makeshift headquarters at Rock House Cafe and Gallery, a block away.

The migrants waited at the Rock House Cafe and Gallery and were shortly thereafter loaded onto Sun Metro buses and taken to nonprofit shelters.

On Sunday, about 400 migrants were released.

Most migrants are from Honduras and Guatemala.

Rep. Beto O'Rourke showed up to the area Monday to volunteer and is asking ICE to give a 24-hour notice for community shelters to be able to organize.

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