Aaron Jones back in the town, lifting the spirits of young patients

Aaron Jones was in El Paso visiting with young patients at Las Palmas Medical Center. (KFOX14/CBS4)

Hometown hero Aaron Jones came back to the Sun City while on break from playing in the NFL to cheer up some young patients.

The former UTEP Miner, now Green Bay running back and his brother Alvin made a stop at Las Palmas Medical Center Wednesday afternoon to visit pediatric patients.

“I know kids here are kind of down so I’m just here to lift up their spirits, encourage them and let them know everything is going to be OK and I’m here to help any way I can,” Jones said.

Since being drafted into the NFL, Jones has shown his love for the Borderland and the community that has stood behind him.

During his last touchdown, he was seen holding up the numbers 9-1-5, for El Paso's ZIP code.

He says this is a way to give back.

“They’ve always supported me in everything I’ve done. It’s the least I can do,” Jones said.

Jones hopes to channel some strength to the kids who are struggling with various illnesses.

“They can fight through this,” Jones said.

Jones is on a bye week and says he planned the hospital visit when he knew he’d be flying home.

“I’m happy to be here,” he said.

While in town, Jones said he also plans on going back to his stomping grounds and catching a Burgess High School game.

There will also be an Aaron Jones bobble head night at the UTEP game versus University of Texas at San Antonio.

According to members of the Northeast El Paso Rotary Club, there will be an autographed football signed by Jones at their raffle on Thursday. Jones will reportedly be there to present the ball.

"I think Aaron's the hot name in El Paso right now or from El Paso isn't he?" Sherman Barnett said.

Barnett is with the Rotary Club. He says this football will help the organization raise more than $30,000 dollars for various charities.

He said another example of Jones helping his hometown.

"I think he's a great guy and I think it says a whole lot about him. That he definitely wants to give back," Barnett said. I think he's received a lot and he's giving back to the community."

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