How to challenge the value of your home

El Paso

El Pasoans are paying more in property taxes due to a spike in home appraisals.

The El Paso Central Appraisal District says the value of homes in El Paso is going up due to a variety of reasons, one of them being the city's economic growth.

"Your property may be a little different; maybe you haven't upgraded like the rest of the neighborhood has. We need to know those things," said Dinah Kilgore, who is the executive director of the El Paso Central Appraisal District.

CAD sent out a notice to every property owner in El Paso County.

Those who don’t agree with their home valuation have 30 days from the day they received it or until May 15 to file a protest. But first applicants should provide any information on why the value of their homes do not match the appraisal.

For example, submit pictures of their homes, hiring an appraiser or providing cost estimates.

"Could you sell your house for that price and think honestly if you could, then we have the correct value. If you could not and there is something wrong with your value, then we need to know about it," said Kilgore.

There are four ways to file a protest:

1. You can go online to the website at, click on the protest and appeals tab...and follow the directions there.

2. Submit by mail to the Central Appraisal District at 5801 Trowbridge Drive, El Paso, TX 79925.

3. Call by phone at 915-780-2000.

4. Submit your information in person at the mail address above.

For some El Pasoans, protesting is the way to go. But for Jack Bristol, he says he is fine paying higher property taxes if it will mean keeping his neighborhood the way it is.

"The neighborhood is very stable. Several homes have been remodeled,” said Bristol.

Kilgore says there are no penalties for those who file a protest and do not follow through. She says it’s better to file a protest and decide not to complete it later rather than not file a protest at all.

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