A small section of Paisano reopens to traffic

A small portion of Paisano reopened to drivers this week. Paisano between Sunland Park Drive and Crockett Street opened on Tuesday, 24 hours ahead of schedule.

However, that is just a small portion of the road.

“The section of Paisano that Go-10 works on is only about maybe two blocks in length and it's located right in front of the Shamaley dealership,” Senior Mobility Coordinator for the Go-10 project Noemi Rojas said.

That section was shut down for between three and four weeks to give crews time to repave the road in that area.

“Probably the dealership was the happiest to find out that it opened,” Rojas said.

The larger section of Paisano that west side drivers have been waiting for eight months to reopen is being worked on by the Texas Department of Transportation as part of the Border West Expressway project.

“The Paisano opening that everybody is so excited about hearing and everyone who lives in the alley and everyone who gets stuck on I-10 and is looking for an alternate route is the portion that's just behind me, where it will be a new connection from Doniphan,” TxDOT spokesperson Jennifer Wright said.

That section of the road isn’t set to reopen until the end of February.

Once it is completed, Wright says the road will have one lane in each direction for traffic.

“Doniphan will continue straight and then will, further down the line, connect with Paisano further toward Executive. That will provide a relief route when there are detours or when there’s an event on either on I-10 or Mesa that causes congestion,” Wright said.

However, even when the road reopens, work will still be happening in the area.

“The Border West Expressway and the Go-10 project will meet up at Paisano from the dealerships that are on it and now have access to Paisano. Then, there's a flyover bridge that ends up by the Buena Vista neighborhood over by Racetrack and Doniphan. That is like the critical point where the two projects join up. So that portion of the project is still not ready and it won't be ready to join up probably until the actual project is finished,” Wright said.

Regardless, Wright says when Paisano does reopen at the end of the month, drivers will be amazed at how much the area has transformed.

“Half a million cubic yards of earth has been moved and everyone's going to see that the work has great momentum and it's made a lot of great progress and continues to make progress and I'm really excited for El Paso to see it,” Wright said.

For now, she’s asking drivers to be patient as TxDOT pushes through its final few weeks of work on Paisano Street itself.

“Hang tight, be patient; it's coming,” Wright said.

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