Las Cruces arroyo poses concern for neighbors living near it

Elks Drive arroyo in Las Cruces. (KFOX14)

In Las Cruces, some people living on one particular road say every time it rains it’s nearly impossible to get home.

They say it’s because of rushing water spilling from a nearby arroyo onto the only road they have to get to their houses.

Residents say that on Rabbit Run Road near Holman Road, you’re pretty much driving up an arroyo, and if it’s raining out, chances are you’ll either get stuck in the muddy waters or you’ll have to wait it out.

Today, I spoke with a neighbor who said every time it rains, Rabbit Run Road never fails to stop drivers in their tracks.

After the brunt of recent rains, neighbors said Rabbit Run Road was completely torn up.

They said if you’re driving through the debris, the road and the arroyo eventually merge together, which raises many concerns for people who live there.

One neighbor, who didn’t wish to appear on camera, said that, just the other week, a postal service truck got stuck on the road during a delivery.

Neighbors worked together and eventually pulled the man out.

Neighbors fear driving down the washed-out road. Trying to get home during a rainstorm could push drivers into the pit of the arroyo right beside Rabbit Run Road.

"I've seen holes out there big enough to drop a car (into) that they had to come in and fill,” one neighbor said. "This arroyo has become full of debris and water 'reaches' its quickest level and it just rerouted itself and is now cutting a new wash through the desert, which ends up dumping out on our private road and it's washed it out."

Another neighbor, Becky Carter, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years, says she’s used to the conditions, and knows the county is doing all they can to fix the problem.

"There are hundreds of dirt roads that the county has to get to and I don't expect them to come rushing to do my road because I live here,” Carter said.

Although the county has made an attempt to help fix the road after the last rainstorm, neighbors said they’re hoping for a longer-term fix that will keep water away from the only road they have to get home.

"They've rerouted or misrouted the water so everything cascades down this road through here and ends up on our private drive, and that's why our private drive is washed out,” said one neighbor.

We tried to contact the county for a comment on what it plans to do to help fix the road.

As of now, we haven’t received a call back.

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