8-week-old puppy possibly thrown out of window onto I-10, police seek person of interest

Police say the woman told a witness it was her dog, but the witness would not give the dog back.

Police need your help finding a woman who might have thrown an 8-week-old puppy out of the car onto the freeway. An official animal cruelty investigation is now underway.

"Animal Control initially responded to a call of a dog on I-10 and Mesa,” said Sgt. Robert Gomez with El Paso police.

Police say a witness pulled over and rescued the 8-week-old puppy from the middle of the freeway on Saturday.

"(The dog) either jumped out of the vehicle or was thrown out of the vehicle,” Gomez said.

The witness called Animal Control.

"Before Animal Control responded, another person stopped, inquiring about the dog,” Gomez explained. “The witness asked if it was their dog, and there was some back and forth.”

Police say the woman told the witness it was her dog, but the witness would not give the dog back.

"The person that stopped, inquiring about the dog, claiming the dog, left the scene before Animal Control could arrive,” Gomez said.

But not before the witness was able to snap a picture of her. Police gave KFOX14 the picture and told us they need your help finding the woman.

"If the dog was thrown out of the window, of course, this is an animal cruelty case,” Gomez said.

Police say there are no warrants or charges filed against the woman at this point, she's merely a person of interest.

"We need to speak to this person to find out what happened, how did this dog end up on I-10, and what are the circumstances,” Gomez said.

KFOX14 asked police if the witness did the right thing.

"We would never ask the public to endanger themselves to stop. We are grateful that the witness did stop and rescue this animal from getting run over. Of course, if you can do it safely, that's fine,” Gomez said.

The puppy is in Animal Control's custody right now. He does have some injuries, but is going to be OK.

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