5 puppies found by hunters inside freezer in Deming

5 puppies found by hunters inside freezer in Deming

Puppies were left for dead, abandoned in freezers in the middle of the desert.

This happened in the Deming area earlier this month—now the puppies are in El Paso.

It was the cries of the five small puppies that helped keep them alive.

“They're five sisters,” said their foster, Constable Angie Sommers.

Sommers said hunters heard the puppies crying out from a distance, following the sounds to find them.

"There's no excuse to take animals like this who were obviously well-cared for when they were young, and do something as cruel and as meaningless as to life, as dumping them in a refrigerator to starve to death, and freeze to death in the middle of a dessert,” said Sommers.

An unofficial dog rescue coordinator, Diane Avery here in El Paso, said she's the one who met up with Deming Animal Shelter staff. Avery said she helped coordinate bringing the puppies somewhere safe.

"It unbelievable,” said Avery. “I can only say that once you deal with a few of these dogs, it's really hard just to not try to save them."

KFOX14 was told most of them were in OK condition, considering not knowing how long they had been suffering.

"This little girl right here, I call her tick,” said Sommers, holding one of the puppies.

Tick, wasn’t in the best shape when Sommers first took the dogs in.

"I spent close to three solid days with her on my lap, because I had to hand-hydrate her,” said Sommers.

Sommers said all five are healthy now. Still, Sommers wants this story to be a lesson.

"People don't understand that dogs, they're not just animals. if you want a dog they're a part of your family,” she said.

There’s no word yet as to who abandoned the puppies. KFOX14 was told they are being taken to Wisconsin at the end of the month to be placed in loving homes.

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