New county flood hotline available 24/7

Residents of Coker Road had to be evacuated in summer 2017 due to flooding.

El Paso County Public Works will be adding a 24/7 flood hotline for residents who see overflowing water during heavy rains.

People can call 915-875-8555 to find out where to pick up sandbags, build barriers to divert water and pump water from county roads.

The hotline will be dedicated to unincorporated areas of the county, according to Norma Palacios, interim Public Works director

“But if other calls relate to other areas within the county of El Paso, we will go ahead and forward them to the Office of Emergency Management,” said Palacios.

The hotline launched Tuesday and will be handled by existing county employees with current county funds, according to Palacios.

“We are not allocating special funds,” said Palacios.

“We will be monitoring how much of an impact this has on our personnel, but as of now we don’t know yet until we’ve had a chance to use this line,” said Palacios.

KFOX14 asked if Coker Road in Socorro would qualify for the help since the neighborhood had to be evacuated due to flooding in the summer and residents are still dealing with flood damage.

“Coker Road is in the city of Socorro. That would be a call that is forwarded to the Office of Emergency Management,” said Palacios.

Callers should be prepared to give an address or intersection, their name and a contact phone number, according to a marketing specialist with El Paso County.

Residents who have a flood-related issue that is not an emergency are asked to email

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