2018 brings some New Year's resolutions, new laws for people to follow

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El Pasoans and people in the rest of Texas will have to abide by 26 new laws that are now in effect.

These laws range from different tax provisions to people being able to challenge the appraisal of their homes.

There were some fairly impactful laws for everyday people and businesses. Texas’ newvoter ID law went into effect at the stroke of midnight.

It allows voters who don't have a photo ID to show items such as a bank statement or a paycheck as a form of identification. A new Texas law also gives businesses the right to ask for a government-issued ID when someone tries to pay with a credit or debit card.

The businesses can choose to decline the card if the names on the ID and the card don't match. KFOX14 spoke to people who had different opinions about this new law.

"They're trying so hard to, kind of, pigeonhole people, in effect. I would have to disagree with that," Rodney Yearwood said.

"Any safeguards they can put on that type of situation, I am for it because of the fact that there's so much hacking and so many problems with credit cards,” Charles Harvey said.

"If it gets stolen, it's actually pretty easy to use someone else's money,” Armando Melendez said. “But that could be pretty inconvenient if your friend or wife or husband gives you their card to buy something and they don't let you use it."

It's an adjustment Chelsie Evaldi with Chucho Relic says will have multiple benefits.

"I think it's something that's going to take some getting used to,” Evaldi said. “At first, it'll be an inconvenience but I know that in the end it's for their own good, their safety and the safety of the retail as well."

Not everyone is on board with the law.

The senators who wrote the law said the it was created to protect businesses and customers from data breaches.

They also said chip technology and changes to financial liability have left businesses on the hook for some losses when a fraudulent purchase happens.

"It's just peace of mind that when we know our customer shows us his ID that way we know that it's his card,” Evaldi said. “Also security, in case there is a customer who is attempting to do a fraudulent charge we can stop it here."

A full list of the 26 laws can be found here.

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