Stock your stockings with all the dough


Edible cookie dough is a trending food topic. At the time of this story, the hashtag #ediblecookiedough returns nearly 19,000 images on Instagram.

In large metropolitan areas across the U.S., edible cookie dough shops are taking the place of traditional ice cream parlors.

The Dough Dough is scheduled to open in February of 2018 in north Dallas.

Finding edible cookie dough at a neighborhood grocery store is becoming an easier task as well. Central Market, a popular chain of grocery stores across Texas, features a variety of edible cookie dough options in the refrigerated section.

One of the more popular brands intended to be brought home today is Edoughble (pronounced edible). The brand recently collaborated with Chameleon cold brew to create a unique flavor with a Texas influence.

Learn more about its gift options here. Edible cookie dough is a great gift option for the person who has everything, regardless of the occasion.

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