Matching family pajamas a growing holiday tradition

Courtesy: @bedheadpajamas / IG

Christmas may be over, but the holidays are not yet complete until after the first of the New Year. For some, the season extends through Jan. 6 when the Christmas tree is taken down, a day that also marks the Feast of the Epiphany.

Every year, families continue (and develop anew) family traditions for the holidays. Whether stuffing stockings or leaving milk and cookies out for Santa Claus, every family has their own traditions of which, none are considered right or wrong.

One tradition that is growing in popularity is the festive theme of annual matching pajamas. Usually gifted by a parent, the children open gifts of matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. Then, families may wear them to bed, pose for photo ops and open presents on Christmas Day all the while celebrating a particular bond.

This year, the KFOX14 crew discovered Bedhead Pajamas. The popular loungers have a flagship store in Los Angeles but, what makes this brand particularly unusual is the sale of dog pajamas to match the family. The comfortable cotton and incredible quality are simply added bonuses. We were also amazed at the variety of patterns. Families may opt for a pattern that can be worn far outside of the holiday season.

News Now anchor Kelly Anne Beile was spotted at the El Paso International Airport with her rescue dog Pippa, wearing matching pajamas.

Whether you indulge in wearing matching pajamas as a family or gather in the kitchen to share the making of tamales, we want to see photos of your holiday tradition.

Upload your holiday tradition pictures to the KFOX Burst app by visiting and you may see them during our newscasts.

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