Franklin Mountain Life clothing line features iconic El Paso mountains

Franklin Mountain Life clothing line features iconic El Paso mountains.

A love for the outdoors, but more specifically a love for El Paso’s Franklin Mountains, inspired a family to start a business.

Franklin Mountain Life is a new brand of clothing in El Paso that features the city’s iconic mountains.

“We got together and we wanted to design a brand that represented the trails and the land here in El Paso,” said founder Alexis Dominguez.

And it’s a family affair, of the blended kind.

Dominguez began the business with her fiancé, ex-husband and his girlfriend.

Each of them has a part in the clothing business, from the design to the marketing of the brand.

Right now you can find Franklin Mountain Life T-shirts on the website, but soon Dominguez said they hope to expand in selling hoodies, hats and other fun items.

“Right now we are also trying to sell first aid kits,” Dominguez said.

The iconic Mammoth Mountain is featured on the current T-shirts.

“We thought it was a cool landmark to bring to life,” Dominguez said.

Dominguez hopes the brand will bring exposure to the mountain/hiking life in El Paso that many may not know about.

She said they also want to give back to the mountain coalition and to the community.

“Our end goal is trying to give back to the mountain. We have ideas to donate to the child crisis center,” Dominguez said.

It’s an organization close to her heart because she and her fiancé are both elementary school teachers.

Dominguez said inspiration for the brand came from a business in the neighboring city of Las Cruces which is home of Organ Mountain Outfitters, a similar clothing line featuring the New Mexico Mountains.

“They are doing an awesome job with their brand and they are giving back to the community. We thought it would be really cool to do the same here,” Dominguez said.

Franklin Mountain Life gear can be found on the website and at some farmers markets.

There will be two launch parties held this weekend at the Franklin Mountains. Saturday's event will begin at 10 a.m. and Sunday's even't will start at 2 p.m.

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