El Pasoan known worldwide for makeup tutorial videos

El Pasoan Leslie Quezada has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on social media thanks to her makeup tutorials. (Credit: KFOX)

A local makeup artist has become the latest social media sensation with her makeup tutorials on Facebook Live.

“I started doing makeup maybe about a year ago but I didn't start doing videos until about six months ago and then I decided to go live and it all just kind of blew up from there,” said Leslie Quezada.

A proud Irvin and UTEP grad, Quezada is a hometown girl who has quickly gained a loyal social media following not only here in El Paso but around the world.

“One time somebody told me they were watching me from Africa, one time somebody told me Antarctica,” said Quezada.

She got her start after her friends convinced her to start her own makeup page on Facebook.

Now over a million views and hundreds of thousands of followers later, this is her full-time job.

“I get paid to do what I love ...The company that I promote for, for example, Life Glam they fly me over and I do photo shoots for their subscriptions, their lipsticks and their brushes and it's pretty fun,” said Quezada.

Aside from the makeup, she is known for being a big personality and for some other key things, like her famous one-liners and eating snacks like Hot Cheetos or noodles.

She says the secret to her success is all thanks to her family and her followers.

“All thanks to my viewers and my followers 100 percent. Me growing was all up to them because again the viewing, the liking, the sharing was always on them."

Watch the full interview with Leslie Quezada here:

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