YISD investigation finds Bel Air HS coach to be demeaning towards student

A Bel Air High School parent alleges a coach at the school is bullying and mistreating her daughter.

A Bel Air High School parent is seeking answers and action, after she claims a coach at the school bullied her child.

Ysleta ISD conducted an investigation into the coach’s behavior.

We first learned about the concerns surrounding the coach, last month.

On Monday, we received a copy of YISD’s investigative findings.

It is important to note, KFOX14 is not naming the student to protect her identity and we are also not naming the coach, at this time.

"He told my daughter that she was worthless,” said BAHS parent, Ana Gonzalez. “That is the word he used. ‘You're worthless.’"

This mother said mistreatment by a coach at BAHS left her daughter in a vulnerable state.

"Never a word to motivate or encourage, it was always to demean,” she said.

She told KFOX14 she has had numerous meetings with various people within the school and district.

"At the beginning of her sophomore year, which was last school year, the coach humiliated her, bullied her,” she explained.

Gonzalez alleged that the coach did not give her daughter a fair opportunity to try out for the sport he coaches and was mistreating her.

"As time passed, I noticed that she was falling into a depression and she fell into a really dark place,” she said.

She said after countless meetings, YISD conducted an investigation into the coach’s behavior.

KFOX14 Investigates received a copy of the report.

It states that the district found evidence proving the coach did not give the student a fair opportunity to earn a position on the team.

In fact, there were no formal tryouts.

It also states that the coach was subjecting the student to, “unprofessional, demeaning treatment, to include berating her in front of student”

The report also states that there’s evidence indicating that the “coach’s manner of communication is at times, perceived as rude and unprofessional by his student athletes.”

The district also reported that not all witnesses reported the coach’s behavior as offensive or inappropriate.

The report continued, stating that the coach interfered with the district’s investigation by talking to some of the students who had not been interviewed yet, and implied some sense of threatening and retaliatory action. Also, reporting that the coach was evasive through the investigative process.

Gonzalez said this should have never come this far.

"The reason why I've gone this far is because, not only did I want to protect my daughter,” she said. “I am certain that there are other girls who have been demeaned by him. I want students to know, I want them to be aware, I want parents to be aware that this kind of mistreatment, bullying by a teacher, a coach, should not be tolerated."

We contacted YISD about the investigation and to see if the coach is facing any disciplinary action following the report.

It released this statement to us, “Since personnel matters are confidential, it is the practice of the Ysleta Independent School District not to comment on them. However, we want to reassure the public that Ysleta ISD follows policy on all personnel matters."

Gonzalez told KFOX14 she plans on attending the YISD board meeting to voice her concerns to the board members on Wednesday.

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