KFOX14 Investigates: Teachers say some districts not preparing them for active shooter

Deputies during active shooter drill.

El Paso area teachers say school districts need to do a better job preparing them for active shooters.

As KFOX14 Investigates first uncovered, many districts are falling behind when it comes to meeting state recommendations for lockdown drills.

The presidents of two teacher unions tell me they're concerned their students and fellow teachers aren't getting the proper training to protect themselves.

“I was shocked, actually,” said Norma De La Rosa, the president of the El Paso Teachers Association.

She said EPISD and several other districts need to step it up when it comes to lockdown drills.

“Some have not held any at all, and we have to be prepared,” said De La Rosa.

EPISD provided KFOX14 Investigates with three years’ worth of data, showing several schools hadn't practiced a single lockdown drill in that time.

Many only had one a year.

“I don't think one drill is adequately preparing our students,” said De La Rosa.

The Texas School Safety Center recommends every school practice a minimum of two lockdown drills a year.

While the state requires every school conduct a fire drill once a month, it does not set a requirement on lockdown drills.

“I don’t think they are prepared as they should and it all comes down to resources,” said Veronica Hernandez, president of the Socorro American Federation of Teachers.

Hernandez said SISD needs to be better.

She said in the next legislative session, public education and safety need to be a priority.

“State leaders need to do more to support our students. They need to invest more in education,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez and De La Rosa agree that the state needs to give schools additional resources.

“To be able to help those kids who are struggling emotionally, socially and psychologically,” said Hernandez.

To prevent tragedies before they happen.

“Something has to be done. It's going to be a very interesting session,” said De La Rosa.

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