KFOX14 Investigates: Murder of former Fort Bliss soldier remains unsolved

Lucostal Holley's murder remains unsolved.

Six years ago, a former Fort Bliss soldier was stabbed to death in northeast El Paso.

Thirty-year-old Lucostal Holley was stabbed to death on Rockdale Street.

Cold-case detectives say he ran for his life, collapsing inside a stranger's home.

Six years later, detectives are still looking for the two men suspected of killing Holley.

“All I can remember was hearing someone shaking my gate really, really hard,” said Celeste Camacho, who lives on Rockdale.

“It was kind of a spectacular event for that neighborhood,” said El Paso police Detective Michael Aman.

“They killed somebody right in front of our house,” said Camacho.

“It was a big crime scene,” said Aman.

“Nobody deserves to be killed the way they killed my brother,” said Holley’s sister, LaShondra Holley. “We think about him every day. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about him.”

Lucostal Holley grew up in Sylvester, Georgia.

He joined the military after high school and was deployed, which LaShondra Holley remembers well.

“You’re always going to worry about your loved ones. They’re over there to protect and serve,” she said.

He settled down in El Paso and had a son.

“He was very big on family value,” said LaShondra Holley.

Lucostal Holley had some run-ins with the law and served time in prison.

But his sister says he was committed to his son.

“He got over that and just wanted to be there for his son,” she said.

She spoke to her brother the Monday before he was killed.

“He said he needed to get out of El Paso,” she said.

On a Wednesday evening, May 16, 2012, Detective Aman says Holley rode his motorcycle to Rockdale Street off of Sean Haggerty, in the northeast.

The sun was still out. Neighbors said they were out watering their plants and arriving home from work.

“This is a good neighborhood. Nothing like that has ever happened,” said Camacho.

Holley parked his motorcycle and was approached by two men, who witnesses say came in a white car.

“What we have from witnesses is two heavyset black males that started an altercation that turned hostile. Eventually he was stabbed,” said Aman.

Witnesses said Holley tried to climb a fence for safety.

“We saw blood all over the floor and on the gate, on the white part of the gate,” said Camacho.

He ran into this home, where a garage door was open.

“(Holley) approached (the homeowner), the witness tried to assist him. (Holley) ran inside, closed the garage door behind him,” said Aman.

Holley died of the stab wounds.

“When I got that phone call that night around 12, I was devastated. I was in shock. I couldn't believe it,” said LaShondra Holley.

“We tried to collect surveillance video from the area; didn't really give us anything,” said Aman.

Since then, leads have gone cold.

“We did an extensive analysis of phone records,” said Aman.

Detectives and his family believe the motive was drug-related.

“I think it was drugs, to be honest. I think he was dealing with drugs,” said LaShondra Holley.

Detectives said they interviewed people who knew more than they admitted.

“Its been six years now, relationships between people have changed. People might have information for us they didn't provide back then,” said Aman.

Holley's family is now hoping someone will tell the truth.

“Just think if it was your family. Wouldn't you want someone to come forth?” said LaShondra Holley.

If not only for their closure, for his son -- who was 5 when his father was killed.

The boy's mother died a few years later, and he now lives with a relative on his mom's side.

Holley said they haven't been able to have any contact with him.

“It is very devastating,” she said.

An added loss for this family, still seeking justice.

“The family is still hurting here in Georgia. We need closure. We want to bring that person to justice,” said LaShondra Holley.

If you have any information on the murder of Lucostal Holley, call El Paso; Crime Stoppers at 915-566-8477.

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