KFOX14 Investigates: El Paso roadways see almost 400 crashes Thanksgiving week

KFOX14 Investigates: El Paso roadways see almost 400 crashes Thanksgiving week

As one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, Thanksgiving week is also one of the most dangerous.

KFOX14 Investigates found in El Paso County, the worst days to be on the road

There are some things we all love about Thanksgiving, like the food.

However, getting to the table means days of traffic.

“Bumper to bumper, every place is crowded,” said Jerry Esparza, in east El Paso.

“The other day, I was on the freeway and I had to wait an hour (to get)where I was going,” said Gloria Ronquillo, in east El Paso

According to Texas Department of Transportation data, every year, El Paso County sees almost 400 accidents the week of Thanksgiving.

The most happen the day before we sit down to give thanks.

Last year, there were 75 accidents on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and one of them was deadly.

“Because of that increased volume in traffic, we have more accidents. Traditionally, Wednesday night is higher in fatalities,” said Officer Adrian Cisneros, with the El Paso Police Department.

In the last three years, nine people were killed on El Paso roads during the Thanksgiving week.

Starting Thursday, police and state troopers will beef up their numbers and saturate the city.

“We are going to be working in connection with the Texas Department of Public Safety, and we are going to be targeting DWI drivers to reduce traffic fatalities and crashes,” said Cisneros.

The best day to travel in El Paso is the holiday itself and Saturday. Both days see the fewest number of crashes.

“I'm going to try and stay off the road on Friday,” said Esparza.

Ronquillo worries about her granddaughter, who is making her way home from college in San Antonio.

“It's an eight-hour drive. She gets exhausted, and there are a lot of people on the road,” said Ronquillo.

She gave her daughter some advice we all might give thanks for.

“Just drive safely and to know that God is with her and to not be in a hurry for anything. Everything will come in its time,” said Ronquillo.

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