KFOX14 Investigates: Customers fed up with furniture company not delivering furniture

Customers fed up with furniture company not delivering furniture (Credit: KFOX14)

Customers say a local furniture store is taking money and not delivering furniture.

Customers reached out to KFOX14 Investigates for help.

OSGO Home, a furniture store, has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 23 complaints. Many of the complaints are the same -- customers paid for furniture they’ve never seen.

“They've scammed me, I'm not going to get anything,” Sheyla Childers said that was her reaction after discovering the online reviews for OSGO Home.

She was a few months into waiting for her $1,400 couch when she saw other complaints from customers experiencing the same thing.

Childers said she bought the couch from the company’s Northeast location in February.

She said she was told it would take two weeks for delivery.

The couch was a compromise between her contemporary style and her husband's request for comfortable.

“So my husband was going to be happy and so was I. We can’t find anything like that anywhere else,” said Childers.

When March 1 came, Childers said that’s when the excuses started.

They were told it would be two more weeks. The date of expected delivery went from the beginning of March to mid-March, then the beginning of April, then mid-April.

Then May 12. When that day came and went, they were told May 19.

“That’s when I got really mad. I called KFOX,” said Childers.

While the couple was waiting for their couch, the store in the northeast closed.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God what have we done,’” said Childers of her reaction to the store closing.

Childers said they ordered the couch because they were expecting family to visit at the end of May.

They were frustrated and not getting any answers from the store.

Childers said she told an associate, “‘If you were to tell me the item is on back order, I can understand that. But you don't tell me it’s on back order. You just tell me the item is going to get here on this day and it doesn't come.’”

Childers and her husband told OSGO they called KFOX14 Investigates.

“I kid you not, 15 minutes later they called me. It was like 7 p.m. and all of a sudden now the manager is available?” said Childers.

She said they were offered a loaner couch, but she refused it.

“Six months later, I’m still going to be on the loaner and I’m still not going to have the couches that I paid for,” said Childers.

The couple was then offered a refund.

The manager told them the money would go back on their credit card in 10 business days.

But 10 days later the money still wasn't back on Childers’ card.

So KFOX14 Chief Investigative Reporter Genevieve Curtis called OSGO.

She asked to speak with a manager and was told the manager was unavailable but he would call Curtis back.

He never did, but two hours later, the manager did call Childers and told her she could pick up a check at the store that night.

Childers is not alone in her experience. Many of the 23 complaints on the BBB are from customers who never got the furniture they paid for.

Same with YELP.

“Maybe the furniture store can realize they are hurting people,” said Childers.

KFOX14 Investigates had some questions for the company and went to its location on Zaragoza.

KFOX14 Investigates was told the owner, Oscar Gonzalez, was at the store's new Far East location off of the Gateway, so KFOX14 Investigates headed there.

On the way, Gonzalez called Curtis. He refused to meet with KFOX14 on camera, but he said the couch had eventually been ready to pick up but Childers refused delivery because of the delay.

KFOX14 Investigates asked why the couple was only offered a refund after they told OSGO they had called the news.

Over the phone, Gonzalez told Curtis that it’s a “process.”

Curtis then asked Gonzalez why the common complaint among customers is not getting their furniture on time.

Gonzalez said he would send an email with all of the information.

In a statement Gonzalez wrote,

“We want to begin by apologizing for the inconvenience regarding the mentioned customer issue. Although the merchandise was ready to be delivered it was rejected due to the experienced delay. We acknowledged the issue that had occurred with our delay and due to the inconvenience we provided a full non restocking fee refund in order to accommodate the customers inconformity with our delivery time frame.”

Childers now has her money back and is on the hunt for a new couch.

She said she’ll check the online reviews next time and plans to leave her own reviews.

“I don't want other people to go through the same things we are going through,” said Childers.

As for the dozens of other complaints against OSGO and the company's "F" rating, Gonzalez wrote to KFOX14 Investigates the following statement:

“Yes we are aware, we are working arduously to change that rating. We are constantly improving and try to learn from all the feedback we get from customers. We are eternally working on improvement in our services and operation since we consider customer satisfaction our outmost important priority. In special order items due to various circumstance some items may have longer that expected wait times, we try our best to deliver items as quickly as possible.”

KFOX14 Investigates also checked court records and found at least one customer has taken OSGO to small claims court and won. That case was decided in September.

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