FTC mails checks to Herbalife victims; not everyone getting money back

FTC mails checks to Herbalife victims

Some people who lost money to Herbalife, are getting some of their money back.

As KFOX14 Investigates first reported, the company must shell out $200 million for its deceptive practices after it came to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

KFOX14 has been following Herbalife for more than 2 years, in July 2016 we first reported the FTC charged Herbalife with deceptive trade practices and sued the company on behalf of consumers. That story went viral.

Recently hundreds of thousands of people across the country have watched our story as some of the first checks have already been sent out.

As part of the settlement, the FTC stopped short of calling Herbalife a pyramid scheme. But many of the people KFOX14 has spoken to say, that’s exactly what it is.

While the FTC began mailing the first set of checks in January, not everyone qualifies for the remedy.

According to the FTC checks are sent to those who ran Herbalife businesses in the United States between 2009 and 2015 and who paid at least $1,000 to the company but got little or nothing back.

KFOX14 spoke to one woman who opened a nutrition shop in Las Cruces in 2006.

Desiree, whose last name we are not using, said she lost $12,000 dollars on her Herbalife business. "They would take you in limos and on trips and everything and say, this could be your life," she said.

The settlement gave her some hope. " I thought here's an opportunity for people to get some of their money back. Here's an opportunity for me to get some of money back."

But she said the FTC told her she can’t receive any of the settlement since she was involved with the company before 2009.

"The money is getting people underneath you, so that's what they would say. 'Are you talking to people are you signing up people?' because it's a pyramid scheme," Desiree said.

Desiree has since moved on with her life but hopes others heed warning.

The FTC said there is still more money to be paid out. If you think you are owed a check but have not received one here’s how to file a claim and to check if you are eligible:

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