El Paso Children’s Hospital on its sixth birthday moving forward

El Paso Children's Hospital

El Paso Children's Hospital is now in its second year after filing for bankruptcy. The Children's Hospital owed more than $100 million to University Medical Center, an entity of El Paso County.

In 2015, Children's Hospital owed UMC $108 million, its future was uncertain.

Now celebrating its sixth year in operation, the hospital is making changes.

Serving the smallest of patients in our region, Children's Hospital's new CEO,Cindy Stout, says, they have big goals for growth.

“We still have one other level we can build out, so we would expect in the next couple years to be able to grow that out,” said Stout.

Making sure children can stay in the Borderland, and not have to travel for treatment is part of that.

There are two specific specialties the hospital could expand upon.

“I think in El Paso we know that cardiac and neuro sciences still continue to be a void in the city so we are looking at those areas,” said Stout.

To that end, Stout said, they are actively recruiting physicians.

On the financial side, KFOX14 reviewed UMC’s financial records as it relates to Children’s Hospital.

UMC tells KFOX14 the Children's Hospital is on track with its commitments to repay the hospital $48 million as designated in the agreement.

“We are doing very well, we are starting to move forward, financially,” said Stout.

Part of the agreement resulted in a lease payment of $500,000 per month.

Moving the hospital towards a positive cash flow is an increase in patients.

“Our emergency department continues to grow,” said Stout. In fact, she said they are seeing record volumes.

That, translates to revenue.

"We are on the right path and we are confident the hospital will continue to grow," said Stout.

Stout added the hospital is working closely with Texas Tech University Health Science Center EL Paso for recruitment.

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