City may require licenses, cameras for El Paso dog grooming businesses

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The city is now taking steps to change regulations when it comes to dog groomers.

Following a KFOX14 Investigation into some local groomers being arrested for abusing dogs, the city wants to crack down on the businesses.

Groomers could soon be required to get a license. City council discussed the issue during Tuesday's meeting.

Julia Krampe, owner of “Spa for Paws” in west El Paso, says she has a license and didn’t know other places were operating without one.

The city is also now considering requiring businesses to have cameras inside.

Krampe says she is OK with it but says the problem is getting a good quality camera purchased and installed.

“I don’t know if it will help or hurt the industry, I think it would be handy; if something was happening to dogs, the owner could go back and look and see what was happening,” Krampe said.

Krampe said in the meantime, pet owners should be aware of these red flags:

If the groomer doesn’t ask for proof of vaccination, that’s a good indication you shouldn’t leave your dog there.

Find out what the service time for your pet will be. The longer your dog sits in a kennel, the more stressed they could become.

If the prices for services seem really low, the business is probably taking a lot of pets and rushing through, which can lead to mistakes.

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