City manager's contract released, city attorney tasked with investigating leaked documents

    Tommy Gonzalez

    The city's attorney’s office will now look into who leaked a copy of the city manager's contract to KFOX14 Investigates and what options the city has to do something about how it was leaked and who leaked it.

    This comes as KFOX14 Investigates got a copy of the contract Tuesday afternoon, after asking for it for a week.

    “Staff went above and beyond to watermark that document so it wouldn't be leaked out and it still was,” said city Rep. Henry Rivera.

    Tuesday, city representatives weren't happy KFOX14 Investigates obtained a leaked draft of Tommy Gonzalez's contract and reported on it more than a week ago.

    “So what the media got was misinformation which was passed onto the public,” said Rivera.

    The contract released Tuesday shows the city manager is in fact getting up to $2,500 or travel to Dallas for an annual doctor’s exam.

    City officials previously said there was no change to his health benefits. According to Gonzalez's previous contracts, released by the city, he was responsible for paying for flights and accommodations, while the city paid for his annual exam in Dallas.

    Mayor Dee Margo said the $2,500 cap is intended help the city control those costs.

    The draft contract included reimbursements for legal fees.

    He didn't get the money for legal fees in his contract.

    But now the city has worded the contract in such a way that allows them to reconsider those reimbursements.

    At a meeting on Thursday, council will now consider reimbursing Gonzalez $60,000 in legal fees from his 2016 ethics investigation.

    KFOX14 reported his new contract includes a 5 percent merit-based raise.

    Which would bring his salary to almost $350,000 come June.

    His raise is in the contract.

    Below is the full copy of the city manager's contract:

    “Personal issues should be kept less public until it's decided,” said city Rep. Michiel Noe.

    Now the city attorney’s office will look at what repercussions there could be going forward for those who leak documents

    “There isn’t any really known punishment for us -- not have anything serious happen to us,” said Noe.

    Rivera said the leaked documents did more harm than good, “It gave people and the press misinformation.

    Yet, Gonzalez appears to be on course to receive the perks he asked for in the draft that was leaked.

    KFOX14 Investigates, reached out to all nine Southwest cities the city uses to compare the city manager’s contract.

    Gonzalez is compensated above market rate. No other city manager has special health benefits like travel and accommodations to see an out of town doctor.

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