City allows police overtime to make Cincinnati district safer after Thanksgiving fatality

City allows police overtime to make Cincinnati district safer after Thanksgiving fatality

KFOX14 Investigates has learned the City of El Paso is now preparing to spend thousands of dollars to make the Cincinnati entertainment district safer.

This follows a deadly hit-and-run crash Thanksgiving, which killed Amanda Ferguson Weyant.

“It’s exactly two weeks to the day (since) my daughter died and that pain is permanent. There needs to be a permanent solution to this Mesa area,” said Dan Ferguson, Weyant's father.

Now, the city has authorized overtime pay for eight additional police officers and a sergeant to work the area Friday and Saturday nights.

Last week, The Texas Department of Transportation and the city participated in a community meeting about the area's safety.

City spokesperson Laura Cruz-Acosta tells KFOX14 Investigates the money will come from the general fund. She said the allocation was an operational move, and that addressing this safety concern and did not need to go through City Council.

Ferguson has been advocating for change in the area. He tells KFOX14 Investigates the change won't bring his daughter back.

But it might save another family the pain his family is experiencing.

“I’m glad they are going to put these officers out there. It might save one life down the road here. I have a couple of problems. If they knew this was a short-term solution until a permanent one there, it seems like they would have put those officers out there a year ago when that nurse tragically lost her life,” Ferguson said.

Mesa Street is a state highway, and the Texas Department of Transportation said it's looking into more long-term solutions.

El Paso Police Department Sgt. Enrique Carrillo said the additional officers will be out there indefinitely.

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