Animal grooming salons could possibly be required to have video recording device

Grooming a little dog in a hair salon for dogs. Beautiful black poodle

The El Paso City Council voted unanimously to require changes at dog grooming salons.

The vote on Tuesday means that the city of El Paso is looking into creating an ordinance at certifying local animal grooming salons.

City council members will begin drafting a proposal that will require pet grooming businesses to equip their salons with a surveillance camera.

KFOX14 Investigates discovered that groomers are not required to be licensed by either state or city.

The cameras will be used to record the animals while they are being groomed. This action was recommended by the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee.

There are currently no licensing requirements in the city of El Paso or the state of Texas to be a dog groomer.

Under the new rule, groomers will need to also obtain a certification to conduct business.

KFOX14 Investigates will continue to follow this story.

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