Witness testimony, dashcam footage shown in Hisaias Justo Lopez trial

    Dashcam video from emergency responders getting to the scene the night off-duty Border Patrol agent Isaac Morales was killed.

    The state has rested its case in the trial of Hisaias Justo Lopez. He stands accused of murdering off-duty Border Patrol Agent Isaac Morales.

    A fire paramedic who responded the night Morales was killed testified in court against the man accused of killing Morales.

    The paramedic, Robert Mendoza, took the stand Tuesday morning to describe Morales' condition after he was stabbed in the eye.

    Mendoza said Morales’ eye was “destroyed” and said "It looked like a deflated balloon. it was coming out of his lower eyelid."

    Mendoza is one of eight witnesses who testified Tuesday in Hisaias Justo Lopez’s trial.

    The El Paso jury also got a look at the dashcam video from police officers on their way to the scene. The footage showed multiple officers attempting to arrest Lopez, who is seen lying on the ground on his stomach.

    One El Paso police officer said on the stand that they were struggling to get Lopez to put his hands behind his back while he was lying on the ground.

    Officer Jessica Acosta was also at the scene where Lopez was arrested.

    "Once they picked up the defendant, there was a knife where his body had been," Acosta said.

    She said a second knife was found in the playground of a day care center close by.

    The jury got a look at both knives today in court.

    Dr. Mario Rascon, the chief medical examiner, also testified. He said Morales' cause of death was a stab wound to the head, specifically through the eye that hit the brain.

    "It even penetrated part of the brain stem," Rascon said.

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