El Paso man awaits verdict in murder trial

    Hisaias Justo Lopez

    The jury in the Hisaias Justo Lopez murder trial is deliberating Thursday.

    Lopez is accused of stabbing and killing off-duty Border Patrol Agent Isaac Morales in 2017.

    Closing arguments wrapped up just before noon Friday.

    Lopez's wife and relatives of Morales were in the room during closing arguments. Earlier this week the jury heard from Lopez's wife and Morales' girlfriend.

    "You have not seen proof beyond a reasonable doubt," defense attorney Marcelo Rivera told the jury.

    State prosecutor Scott Ferguson showed the jury the knife reportedly used to stab Morales in the eye. He said in a self-defense case, there wouldn't have been a need to stab someone in the eye.

    The jury could not come up with a verdict and was sequestered until Friday.

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