Two candidates looking to represent El Paso in Washington D.C.

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The two candidates gunning for El Paso’s congressional seat are now set and starting Wednesday, El Pasoans are looking forward to the November election.

That election will decide who will replace Rep. Beto O’Rourke in representing the Borderland in Washington, D.C.

Rick Seeberger won the Republican vote to represent El Paso in Congress with just over 69 percent.

Former El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar won the Democratic nomination with just over 61 percent of those votes.

If Escobar beats Seeberger in November, she would be Texas’ first Latina member in Congress, giving this election national attention.

Escobar told KFOX14, “We still have a November election, but I will tell you it gives me the greatest privilege to represent El Paso in Congress.”

Escobar continued, “But if El Paso gets that historic designation, that makes me very proud of my community.”

Seeberger says representing the Borderland in the U.S. House will allow him to focus on building a strong future in El Paso, telling KFOX14, “We need to educate our leaders in Washington D.C. about El Paso and why El Paso needs to be recognized for the asset that it really adds to our country.”

Seeberger says he plans to fight for economic growth, jobs, health care reform and veterans.

Seeberger says one of his promises is “To focus on our veterans. Our veterans deserve the finest education, the finest health care, and the finest housing.”

Escobar is looking forward to November, saying that she “is going to work very hard to help the vulnerable, and protect senior citizens, and protect the disabled children.” Escobar added, “fight for great health care, fight for immigrants, fight for Dreamers, make sure that Washington, D.C. understands that El Paso is a place of opportunity and is part of what makes America so great.”

The last time a Republican won El Paso’s District was 1963.

The general election will be held on November 6th.

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