Thousands of El Pasoans head to polls on Election Day

YWCA Katharine White Harvey Branch

Thousands of people in El Paso County made their way to the polls on Election Day.

The El Paso Elections Office reported that, as of 5:10 p.m., 50,000 people have voted countywide on Tuesday. During early voting, nearly 140,000 people voted in El Paso County -- almost four times more people than the 2014 midterm election.

The Westside Family YMCA at 7145 N. Mesa Street was one of the places encouraging people to vote.

There, voters could pick up a snack and find out where their designated polling location is.

KFOX14 visited four polling locations; each was fairly calm. Crowds are expected to grow as the end of the workday approaches.

John Mitchell is an El Paso resident who believes voting is extremely important. “I believe voting represents my beliefs. I am able to express those beliefs, and it’s able to help shape the belief and culture that I live in.”

Another resident, 94-year-old Virginia Priest, said it's important for the youth to get out and vote. “Not every country has this privilege. It’s very important you use that privilege,” she said.

Precinct 19 Judge Jerald Smolla told KFOX14 he was shocked at how well everyone did with the new technology. “We expected people to be concerned about technology and, to the contrary, they were amazed we could process them so fast.”

Juana Blackman, an El Paso resident, believes change lies in each voter's hands. “If you want something done and you want to be heard, you need to get out and vote,” she said.

Voters of all ages made voting a priority this year.

Smolla said he checked a woman's ID today, and realized she was 100 years old. “She’s 100 years old and she was trying sincerely to vote.”

Polling locations close at 7 p.m.

On Election Day, registered voters are required to cast their ballot at designated polling locations.


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