Republican Party chair says Ted Cruz would've lost credibility with Texas loss

El Paso Voters

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is projected to win his home state for the primary election, and the head of the El Paso Republican Party said this was a must win for Cruz.

Party Chairman Adolpho Telles told KFOX14 that Cruz would have lost credibility if he didn't win Texas.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is projected to win in several states, and Telles said Trump's controversial comments haven't hurt his chances.

"People are tired of what's going on and they want somebody who is going to say it like it is. He does it in a harsh way but he does it and I think people like that and I think that's part of the reason he continues to be very strong and also have support of the general population," Telles said.

Telles said there still could be some big surprises in other upcoming primaries with delegates from Florida and Ohio up for grabs.

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