County judge candidates explain their plans prior to primary runoff election

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The two candidates for county judge -- former El Paso Mayor John Cook and businessman Ricardo Samaniego -- will have plenty of issues to tackle if they take office.

Stormwater will be one of the issues at the top of the list.

The rains can cause problems in El Paso. The images of Coker Road in Socorro come to mind as an example of how bad the flooding can get in some areas.

That has been a big focus of the current county commissioner, with the Stormwater Management Plan.

Both candidates told CBS4 On Your Side that they have a plan on how to fix the issue.

"The state has to give us the authority to do building permits and inspections, to have codes people have to build by that takes care of drainage, floodwater control,” Cooke said. “We just can't keep going on having Colonials built, which don't have sidewalks, don't have streets, don't have curbs and gutters."

"Infrastructure. We need to get ahead of ourselves. There's things that need to be done. There's a lot of stuff that happened and it just can't wait,” Samaniego said. “Sometimes, you say you want to eat the elephant all in one sitting. There's a lot of small things to do, and that's not happening.”

But floodwater isn’t the only issue these candidates will have to address in office.

They will also have to tackle the county’s economy and approving potential tax incentives.

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