Couple caught taking off with employee tip jar at Tropical Smoothie

Tropical Smoothie theft on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2018.

Who stole the money from the tip jar? These thieves did.

Surveillance video of a theft at Tropical Smoothie in west El Paso circulated on social media since it was posted Thursday.

The employees at the smoothie shop at 5905 N. Mesa Street were ripped off by a pair of thieves Wednesday.

The act was caught on camera, said Paul Beltran, co-owner of Tropical Smoothie.

A store employee said the couple came in around 4 or 5 p.m.

The man ordered the special which is a 99-cent smoothie. The way the special works is if your name is the name of the day, you get a 99-cent smoothie.

The name the man used was Erik, which he also showed his identification to to the cashier to verify, said Beltran.

After the man and woman left, Beltran said an employee was restocking the cookies from the cashier area and noticed the tip jar was missing.

“Our good employees earn up to $50 worth in tips on a day,” said Beltran.

When the surveillance video was checked, the man could be seen taking out a bill from the tip jar as the cashier is taking the couple’s order.

Then when the cashier turns her back for a few seconds, the man grabs the jar and places it in the woman’s purse.

Owners of the store contacted the El Paso police and filed a report.

On Thursday, the footage was posted to local social media accounts.

Beltran said the couple was identified minutes after the video went up.

“Thank you to the community for sending tips on the man and woman. It helped in identifying them.”

Beltran said El Paso police said a detective was assigned to the police report.

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