Local clinic works to find how nutrition impacts overall gene expression


Transformations Rehab Services is an outpatient rehab clinic specializing in occupational therapy.

Their services also include speech therapy and neurofeedback services and nutrigenomics.

Marco Rodriguez says nutrigenomics is a scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of the disease.

Meaning the study finds how nutrition or natural compounds impacts our overall gene expression, basically getting down to the genetic level.

Although the Rodriguez says the clinic doesn't claim to treat, cure or mitigate disease, they work every day to find the root causes towards several diseases.

Transformations wants children and adults dealing with ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety and PTSD to stop by their location or give them a call to find out how they can help.

Transformations Rehab Services

9244 Gateway Blvd. East

Suite A

El Paso, TX 79907


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