Teen says she was victim of online bullying on

By: Jesse Martinez
EL PASO, Texas - Long sleeves and long hours spent alone are considered two possible signs of online bullying.

It can start suddenly, and when it does, it can turn into a life of physical and emotional pain - or something potentially worse.

Madie Atwell repeatedly saw hurtful worlds on the popular app,, and five of her friends received similar messages.

Despite having a good relationship with her mother, the pain was too much for the 12-year-old girl to share, and she wore long-sleeve clothing to hide her scars from cutting herself.

"I started to cut," Atwell said. "Why? Because you have this mental pain and you just get distracted from it."'s website says the social media site has more than 90 million users, and it allows people to ask questions anonymously or they can reveal their names.

After several reports of cyberbullying, allows users to block any anonymous questions.

KFOX14 has teamed up with Price's Creameries to educate the community and get people to speak up against bullying.

For more resources for victims of bullying, head over to our Speak Up - Stop Bullying section.

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