Study: Texas among the top states with the best education systems, New Mexico among the lowest

ELPASO, Texas - It's no surprise that a good education can open doors for you- but turns out not every state is giving out quality instruction according to a new study.

Wallet Hub, a leading personal finance resource, ranked the 50 states including the District of Columbia on best and worst education systems K-12.

The study found that Texas isn't doing half bad, Texas came in at No. 12 overall, a ranking some El Pasoans feel is a good reflection of the state.

"I think I got a pretty good education," said El Paso resident- Nathan Bitle.

However, not everyone thought this ranking was accurate.

"It was all based on tests, it was all based on passing a test the TAKS test, the TASS test, whatever it's called now. That's all they focused on, passing one test," said El Pasoan Brandon Lyon.

The study was based on student-teacher ratios, drop-out rates, test scores- and bullying incidents. Lyon is not convinced the study reflects a good education system.

"You get the material to learn, you learn the material that's it. It doesn't teach you real world, it doesn't teach you how to survive, or get a job or anything like that. They teach you to pass a test," said Lyon.

New Mexico was ranked 46th overall when it came to their education system, something that took Bitle by surprise considering we are neighboring states.

"They're so close, and that's a big difference," said Bitle.

In individual categories, New Mexico was among the five states with the lowest bullying incidents.

Neither state was among the top five safest school ranking. When it came to drop-out rates, Texas was among the states with the lowest rates, while New Mexico was among the top five states with the highest drop-out rates.

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