America's High School welcomes "Mr. Mojo" to promote anti-bullying

EL PASO, Texas - Americas High School welcomed a nationally known speaker whose goal is to promote anti-bullying.

The school held an Olweus Bully Prevention rally for freshmen students Friday morning. Tavis Brown, also known as Mr. Mojo was the guest speaker. Brown has been seen on MTV's hit show MADE. He travels across the United States and Canada to speak about bullying.

Brown says the key thing when speaking to teenagers is being able to relate to them. "We break through a lot of those barriers and really leave the kids walking out going I have value I have worth and I could make a positive difference," said Brown.

KFOX 14 has teamed up with Price's Creamery to educate the community about bullying. You can read more about this initiative here :

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