10 year old brings up bullying at town hall

    FAIRFIELD, Iowa - A little girl got a presidential candidate to talk about something that hasn't gotten much attention on the campaign trail. Ten-year-old Hannah Tandy was sitting in the front row of Hillary Clinton's town hall event Tuesday in Fairfield, Iowa. She got the chance to speak.

    "I have asthma and occasionally I've heard people talking behind my back about not wanting to be near me because I have asthma. I mean, people, it's not contagious," said Tandy.

    Clinton responded by saying bullying has always been around. She credits social media and the Internet for making it easier and more widespread.

    "People can say something about somebody without having to look them in the eye or see them walk by. So, I think we all need to be aware of the pain and real anguish that bullying can cause," said Clinton.

    She went on to say she really does think "we need more love and kindness in our country."

    "That's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. Because that is not who we are as Americans," said Clinton.

    Hannah said after the event that she is still processing the moment with Clinton and that it's something that will stick with her forever.

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