Scoop on Savings – When’s the best time to get a car?

Casa Nissan's lot offers about 1,000 cars for customers to choose from.

It may be time for you to buy a new car, but don’t jump the gun just yet.

Car-buying experts told the Huffington Post that you can typically save big on buying a new car at a specific time of the year, month, time of day, or even the day of the week.

So I stopped by Casa Nissan to see for myself when the best time is to buy a new car.

Alberto Orozco, the advertising director at Casa Nissan, and the guy you see on all the fun Casa Nissan commercials, told me the summer months and holidays are the best times to buy.

“In June, it gets better, everybody’s out of school, you know, and especially the offers they’re offering in June, July and August,” Orozco said. “October is slow. Black Friday, everyone gets excited. You know, the holidays are coming, and at the end of November is when it gets much better.”

Casa Nissan has about 1,000 cars in their lot to choose from.

Alberto says that right now, they have about seven cars with zero interest rate for up to 72 months.

He also said that using a leasing program is now a popular route to choose from, rather than purchasing.

“It used to be, okay, I’m gonna buy a car for my whole life, like keeping it for the rest of my life,” Orozco said. “And now, no. You can actually switch every two years or three years. And with the lease programs, you can actually pay way low and have a new car and change it in three years.”

If leasing isn’t your thing, Orozco says you can always choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, which they offer as well.

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