Scoop on Savings – T.J. Maxx Bridal Shop

Wedding dress at T.J. Maxx going for $999.99. Original price was $2,825.

Ladies! Do you have a wedding coming up, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding dress?

T.J. Maxx just launched a bridal shop, and it’s definitely going to be saving you money.

They have gowns that come in a wide variety of styles and shades, ranging up to $999, with some valued at over $2,800.

T.J. Maxx also has bridesmaid’s dresses for as low as $24.99. This can save you hundreds on your wedding, and that money could even go toward the honeymoon!

There are two T.J. Maxx locations in the El Paso area. There’s one in the Fountains at Farah on Gateway, and the second location will be opening on the west side on Oct. 8.

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