Scoop on Savings – Savings Accounts

KFOX14 Morning Anchor Kezhal Dashti explains why everyone should open a savings account.

Growing up, my father has preached to me how important it is to have a savings account. So, I’m going to explain why you should have one too.

According to GECU, a personal savings account is ideal to have when you’re saving up for something big, or are just using it to build an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, which is why I have my savings account.

Ally Bank says having a savings account is a good foundation for any financial plan. It’s money you can accumulate over time.

Having a savings account also builds healthy financial habits. Setting money aside in a savings account keeps you from spending impulsively.

It helps you create the habit of putting money aside regularly, and gives you a peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a backup plan, in case of an emergency.

It’s very easy to set up a savings account. Just go to your nearest banker and ask about the different interest rates they offer, and sign up.

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