Scoop on Savings – Rebate apps

KFOX14 Morning News Anchor Kezhal Dashti shows you how to save with rebate apps.

Rebate apps are helping put more money in your pocket.

The Krazy Coupon Lady says, “A rebate app earns you cash back on your purchases after your transaction. So, instead of getting money taken off your total before you cash out, you pay and then get it reimbursed, usually via PayPal.”

Rebate apps include Ibotta, MobiSave and Checkout 51.

The Krazy Coupon Lady, a.k.a. the Goddess of Savings, says Ibotta is her favorite app.

She recommends checking the app on Thursdays, and found that most of the offers reset up to three times each about every two days.

That means you can use an offer, wait a couple of days, then use it again.

MobiSave is another rebate app that pays you to shop.

The Krazy Coupon Lady says it pays you much faster and is beginner friendly.

You get paid through PayPal after every transaction, immediately and automatically.

Like Ibotta, MobiSave also allows you to stack coupons, only making you wait seven days to redeem an offer.

The only downside to MobiSave is that you won’t make as much money with the app as you would with Ibotta.

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