Scoop on Savings – National Savings Day

Business Insider shows how the average American household spends money.

This Thursday is National Savings Day, so it only makes sense that I give you some quick savings tips in this week’s Scoop on Savings.

According to Business Insider, Americans can save enough for a solid retirement if they cut out those small, but frequent, expenses.

The average American household spends about $7,000 on food a year. Save there by shopping in bulk, or cooking at home.

Another huge culprit? Starbucks. A lot of us are guilty there. Get rid of that $5 daily coffee, and right there you’re saving even more.

Really slashing your costs can help you save. And like I mentioned in my Scoop on Savings one month ago, open up a savings account. Every paycheck, try setting some money aside. It’ll start adding up really quick.

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