Scoop on Savings – Halloween costumes

Young woman shopping for a Halloween costume.

In this week’s Scoop on Savings, I’ve got some tips for you to save on Halloween costumes.

Kids, and even adults, love dressing up for Halloween, and costumes can cost you up to $100 at your nearest costume store.

According to USA Today, Americans are expected to shell out around $3.4 billion on costumes alone.

Since Tuesday is Halloween, ordering online won’t be ideal. Consumers should try discount retailers like T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack or even Party City.

Thrift stores are another great option! Many times, you can find Halloween costumes on sale there!

Another option? Try making your costume yourself. Browse Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, and play around with some makeup.

YouTube has a plethora of tutorials for many different Halloween looks!

Be sure to share your costumes with us on our Burst app. You can access burst by going to

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