Scoop on Savings – Deals on engagement rings

Engagement ring display at Johnson Jewelers in West El Paso.

Getting engaged is an exciting time for every couple, but it’s also pricey.

Randy Johnson, the owner of Johnson Jewelers in west El Paso, gave me some tips to help you save.

He said there’s all kinds of ways in getting something that would give you the look that you want – while spending less.

“Say you want a one carat diamond, “ Johnson said. “One carat comes with a particular dollar amount on it. But if you were to buy a 90 point diamond, means it’s only 10 percent less, but you can’t see the difference, in that kind of a diamond. But you can save about 20-25 percent by coming down on the size a little bit. Also, changing the quality of the diamond, that you can’t see by the naked eye, will also make a difference in what you get, and by the eye you can’t tell a difference. Even when it’s already mounted, you won’t see a difference in that diamond.”

There’s also another way some get a ring less expensively. Let’s say you love a ring at Tiffany & Co., but it’s way out of your price range.

There’s actually a way to get a ring custom made to look like that ring you wanted most.

“There’s not a lot of rings that are copyrighted, but there are some companies who do have copyrights on their rings and the designs that they make,” Johnson explained. “Such as Tiffany & Co. They have a copyright on all of their jewelry. But if you want a Tiffany & Co. Type design, we can come very close to it without infringing on their copyright. And to most people, you won’t see the difference at all.”

So before you go splurge on the most expensive ring you can find, keep these tips in mind, and maybe save that extra cash for the honeymoon.

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