Scoop on Savings – Best time to buy furniture

Gear Friday: Furniture Layout (KFOX14)

Now that the holidays are over, so are the sales. But there are some things that you should buy in January to get the best deal.

In your scoop on savings, the first month of the year not only gives you good deals on gym memberships, but also furniture. That’s according to Time Magazine and Consumer Reports.

So if you’re looking to live by the “New Year—New Me” resolution, by remodeling your home, now’s the best time.

In January, retailers are trying to rid of their older stock to make room for the new styles that hit the markets in February.

You’ll usually find sales, depending on what the retailer has left in stock.

That’s usually darker, winter-appropriate pieces, instead of the brighter spring colors that are common later in the year. says that furniture deals do get better later in the month, but you risk fewer choices the longer you wait.

And of course, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Some retailers are willing to cut a little extra off the price tag to get the old item off their floor, to make way for their new pieces.

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