Scoop on Savings: Best things to buy in February

Right after Valentine’s Day, chocolate will be marked down as much as 90 percent off.

We’re into the first week of February, and there are several things that are best to buy this month. February might not be the month where you think, “Oh hey, let’s go shopping for deals,” but believe it or not, February offers some pretty unique deals.

For example, mattresses. says this month is one of three months when you can find a deal on mattresses. The best deals come about on President’s Day weekend.

On average, mattress deals range from 20 to 40 percent off, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Perfume and cologne were other items listed on It’s the month of love, meaning perfume and cologne are good options to buy before Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14.

Of course, we can’t forget chocolate!

Right after Valentine’s Day, all that chocolate you’ve been craving will be marked down as much as 90 percent off! So there will definitely be a lot of delicious deals after Feb. 14.

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