AutoSlash helps you find lower car rental rates

Customers wait in line at a Hertz rental car counter at San Jose International Airport in San Jose, Calif. - AP

Summer break for the kids means many families will be heading out on vacation.

If you’re headed out on a road trip this summer, chances are you’re looking at renting a car. can be used to help find great deal on rentals.

According to the site’s founder and CEO Jonathan Weinberg, AutoSlash utilizes intelligent algorithms and a large database of coupons and discount codes to figure out how to get users the lowest rate possible on their rental car.

Weinberg says AutoSlash not only uses publicly available discounts, but they also do a mini “interview” of the customer to see what specific membership discounts they may qualify for.

“If you go and search for a car at or, you’re pretty much going to get “standard” rates,” Weinberg said, “The problem is that you can get a decent deal by doing a bunch of legwork at each of those sites, and plugging various codes until you come up with the lowest rate, but who has time for that?”

According to Weinberg, his rental site knows every possible discount, and has it all coded in the system.

He says the site saves customers an average of 30% on their rentals.

Plus, once you’ve booked your rental, you can track the prices on your reservation and AutoSlash will keep looking for better deals right until your pickup date.

Weinberg says that AutoSlash receives over 150,000 visitors a month to their site, and has helped hundreds of thousands of customers save millions of dollars on rentals every year.

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