Dec. 4 is National Cookie Day: Here’s where you can get your cookie fix

Photo courtesy of MGN Online. Cropped Photo: Kimberly Vardeman / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

Monday is National Cookie Day and retailers announced their plans to help you get you channel your inner Cookie Monster.

Starting Friday, Whole Fools Market will have a 50-percent-off sale on its cookie bar until Monday.

If you have a Mrs. Fields in your area, the cookie business is celebrating its 40th anniversary Monday, and the first 400 people at each store will receive a free cookie. Click here to find the nearest store in your area.

Cinnabon is taking advantage of the day by debuting the Cookie BonBite, which is essentially a cinnamon roll inside a chocolate chip cookie. Plus, you’ll get a free 8-ounce bottle of milk to wash it down.

If you have a late-night craving for cookies, Insomnia Cookies is giving away a free traditional cookie with any purchase on Monday.

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