Thanksgivings and your pets; the dangers of sharing your holiday favorites


If you're thankful for your furry friends, then you'll be grateful for these Thanksgiving safety reminders.

If you want to skip a trip to the vet this holiday season, you want to make sure to keep your furry friends away from the dinner table. They can be a part of the festivities but make sure they’re not getting any table scraps or bones from family and friends.

There are a lot of risks when it comes to sharing your holiday feast with pets. Local Veterinarian, Dr. Melinda Martinez, from Holy Family Pet Care, told KFOX14 many pet owners underestimate how much harm some of the foods we enjoy can cause our animals.

“These things can cause garbage gut, severe G.I. (Gastro Intestinal) distress which can lead to pancreatitis which can sometimes be fatal. There’s also chocolate toxicity and I see that a lot during the holidays because people are eating it more around these times. Some other things to remember, don't give bones from your turkey or from your ham. Those things can cause obstructions, then you're looking to have surgery done to get these things removed to save your pets,” said Martinez.

She also mentioned that our pet’s food is typically lean while ours tends to be fatty and the added spices and marinades can warrant different reactions. Some dogs may be okay after eating some of these items but many aren’t and it's not worth the risk. If you really want to treat your pets during the holidays keep it simple.

“Pet parents love your pets! If you want to give them a little treat for Thanksgiving what you can do is give them a few extra pieces of kibble or the other things, I'll recommend is vegetables not cooked or pet treats. They don’t know any better so to them a treat is a treat. They won’t know they’re missing out on the food we’re eating and again it’s not good for them,” said Martinez.

The holidays are also a good time to also make sure your pets name tags and microchips are updated and registered with the city. While you celebrate with your pets make sure to share their Thanksgiving pictures with us on our KFOX14 burst app.

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