Thankful for our Furry Friends; 111 families welcome rescue pets following adoption event

El Paso Animal Services said several animals found homes over the weekend thanks to Fall Fur Me and would like to encourage the community to continue adopting through the holiday season.

This holiday season there are several families who are celebrating with a new furry family member.

KFOX14 is happy to share an update on our recent adoption event with City of El Paso Animal Services along with some simple reminders to keep your pets’ safe this Thanksgiving.

When we think about what we’re thankful for this week many families include their furry friends.
Thanks to a joint initiative and adoption event called Fall Fur Me more than 100 families can do just that. This past weekend the event had a great turnout and 111 rescue pets were adopted.

Thank you to those who came out and saved a life! We want to hear your adoption story. Share your new furry friends story with us on social media and use the hashtag #FallFurMe

As many help their new pets adjust to their homes during the busy travel holiday and festivities we’d also want to remind you to make sure you keep your pets safe!

Some simple tips and reminders for this holiday include:

Double checking your Pet’s I.D.

Ensure your pet has a collar and pet tag with information that is up to date.

Also contact the microchip company and make sure your contact information is registered and up to date.

With all the yummy food that will be out make sure you keep your pet’s away from toxic food items.

Lastly, if your pet isn’t very social make sure they’re in a comfy spot in your home away from the chaos.

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